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About mindline at work

mindline at work is our work-specific variant of, developed to support the mental health and wellbeing of Singapore’s workforce. This caters to individuals who are facing high levels of stress at work, experiencing retrenchment anxieties or are worried about their career future.

mindline at work provides Singaporeans with a series of free personalised mental health tools, self-guided wellbeing exercises and local support resources to strengthen their mental resilience at work. Our stress management platform aims to promote workplace wellness amongst individuals, leaders, and employers in Singapore. mental health app in Singapore on mobile web view mode

What is in your mind?

Given the heightened stress and anxiety levels experienced by workers as a result of today’s new normal of work arrangements, mindline at work aims to improve workplace wellness in Singapore by promoting the adoption of good self-care habits, available support channels, and ways in which employers can nurture positive workplace cultures. It is important for employers to be aware of the benefits of having proper mental health support systems in place to mitigate productivity loss in the workforce.

Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health conversations at the workplace

mindline at work offers specific resources in various media formats to address work-related concerns such as coping with burnout, building a career, managing overwhelming workload, and supporting staff wellbeing amongst others.

mindline at work provides ready tools for employers and employees to have conversations about mental health in the work setting, thereby creating a culture where judgment-free discussions are accepted as part and parcel of navigating workplace challenges.

By normalising mental health at the workplace, our hope is for the platform to create a positive impact on the overall mental wellbeing of the communities where we live, study, play, and work in Singapore.


Co-creating better mental wellness journeys with employees in Singapore just like you

The first iterations of mindline at work were introduced after co-development efforts with all levels of Public Service Division (PSD’s) employees who participated in a series of focus-group discussions. Through these valuable user insights and our surveys, mindline at work’s resources was curated based on valuable insights on workplace stressors and the needs of local employees in Singapore.

mindline at work continues to be a work in progress as we collaborate with different employers in the healthcare, education and private sectors to understand how we can better support their mental wellbeing needs in Singapore.

How has mindline at work helped others like you?

“From my experience using mindline at work, it was fun and intuitive to use. It had a variety of resources that caters to many different people’s needs. Whether it’s talking to the AI bot Wysa, doing meditation, or reading through some quick tips and tricks, I think mindline at work really helps to take your mind off whatever is stressing you at that moment and reminds you there’s always something you can do to relax and center yourself.”

– Russell Tay, Manager

Empowering and supporting staff with mental wellbeing resources

With the added support of our public health agencies and sector partners, mindline at work curates a localised mental wellness resources library that comes in bite sizes for easy consumption. The resources sourced from the community is made easily accessible to the population through our digital health platform which includes resources such as:

get immediate call support through mental health hotlines in Singapore

Mental health hotlines

get professional counselling support services through mindline in Singapore

Professional counselling services

get immediate support through mental health hotlines in singapore

Employment and retrenchment support

Find financial assistance in Singapore on

Financial assistance

Find family and caregiver support here in Singapore

Family and caregiving support

Get employee workplace wellness tips and guides on mindline singapore

Workplace wellness tips and guidance

Find health and fitness tips in Singapore

Health and fitness tips

Ready to feel your best with mindline at work?

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Explore mindline at work now

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