How do I achieve work-life harmony in Singapore?

Work-life harmony is about aligning your passions with your work. When your energy matches your life purpose, your quality of life improves. Here are some tips to help you achieve work-life harmony:

Make conscious choices

Choose activities and projects that make you happy that you find worthwhile. Don't do something that makes you unhappy or question your abilities. Schedule a specific amount of time for rest and work.

Discover your passion

When you find meaning and joy in the work that you do, it will make you feel happier and you will feel like it is less of a chore. Even if you have not found happiness in the work you do yet, it is alright! Continually discover what you like and don’t. Eventually, when you know your working style and the environment that you thrive in, the joy will come to you naturally.

Know when to rest

Don’t go all work and no play. Remember to take a break and rest in the midst of your busyness. Take a nap or do something that you enjoy outside of work to refresh your mind.
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