What is self-care?

Self-care refers to the actions a person consciously takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health. Performing self-care takes many different forms, including small tasks like going outside for fresh air and ensuring that you get good quality sleep every night. Taking care of yourself is important as it helps you to deal with the stressors you may face every day, and helps you become better equipped to live your best life.
There are a wide range of self-care activities that may be targeted towards specific areas of your life. Physical self-care may take the form of making sure that you are eating well, social self-care may involve spending quality time with your loved ones, and mental self-care activities could include doing things that keep your mind sharp and mentally healthy. There is also emotional self-care, which is done via healthy ways of processing your emotions. Self-care benefits you by reducing stress levels and risk of burnout, whilst improving your happiness and energy levels, and can help to foster stronger relationships in your life. provides self-care tips to users that can be used to improve and take care of yourself. There are tips to help you stay healthy, have good quality sleep and manage healthier work-life balance. Through Wysa,’s emotionally intelligent AI chatbot, users will be guided through various self-care activities, and offered tips on how to maximise their quality of life.

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