10 productivity hacks for studying smart (and working even smarter)

Working smarter

While it's been said that being busy actually makes us feel good, that busy feeling actually increase stress levels and leads to worse performance. These 10 productivity hacks and tricks (that are applicable both in the classroom and beyond) go a long way to ensuring you work not just harder, but smarter instead.

10 productivity hacks


Minimise distractions, maximise productivity - put your phone on airplane mode and turn off your notifications when you are studying so that the constant buzzing does not stop your concentration


Keep a schedule rather than a to-do list - beyond allocating your tasks to do, allocate the amount of time you have instead


Keep a smart task list - there are many apps and project trackers available to help us allocate our time better

10 productivity hacks


Batch similar tasks - this way, you're using the same frame of mind for all the tasks involved


Find your golden hour and stick to it - the times where your motivation is at its highest is called the goldern hours


Use the pomodoro technique - break your work into 25 min small spurts with small breaks in between. This technique pushes you to work faster and more efficiently within the allotted time

10 productivity hacks


Take breaks to give yourself a true reward for a week of hard work


Learn to say ‘no' - helping others is great, but not when you end up causing more stress for yourself


Stay focused - trying to achieve multiple tasks at one time may feel like we're accomplishing plenty, but what we're actually doing is switch-tasking


Get adequate sleep - getting a good night's rest goes a long way to ensuring you're more productive

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