10 signs you are adulting and how to survive this period

Signs you are adulting

It is normal to feel overwhelmed with your newfound responsibilities as an adult. Here are some tell-tale signs you are metamorphosing from adolescent to adult:
1. Instead of taking money from your parents, you're the one giving allowance
2. Friday night is no longer spent at Zouk because it's way too exhausting
3. You used to hunt for new cafes, now you hunt for BTO
4. Hoarding promo codes and coupons because you realise how fast money runs out

Signs you are adulting


Nap time is no longer dreaded but seen as a treat


Teenage lingo is now completely foreign to you


All the junk food you've been shoving into your system is starting to show


Anniversaries now mean couple staycays at MBS instead of handmade gifts


People start approaching you on the streets to offer financial services


Saving for the future becomes more rewarding than showing off the “baller life”

You can adult!

Adulthood encompasses a whole new world of responsibilities and financial commitments. Everything seems to escalate so quickly that it's impossible to stop for a breather.
Things may seem daunting right now, but as you'll realise that things aren't so scary after all, especially if you have actionable plans such as online research to help sort your future out. Grappling with adulthood will be much easier once you get organised!

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