5 things to try when you're frustrated

Feeling frustrated

The dictionary definition of frustration is the “feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of an inability to change or achieve something”. The problem with frustration, no matter the context, is that being “upset or annoyed” adds a second layer of suffering to the emotional suffering you're already caught up in. Frustration clouds the mind, making it hard to see if there's constructive action you could take to improve your situation.

Strategies to minimise the impact of frustration


Recognise that you are not alone - everyone gets frustrated at times so be sure not to make things worse by blaming yourself


Don’t treat the feeling as if it's set in stone - don't think of it as a permanent feature of who you are. Holding this emotion lightly makes it easier for you to move on


Work on developing patience when frustration is present - recognise its impermanence nature and patiently wait for it to blow out of your mind

Strategies to minimise the impact of frustration


Contact a friend/ relative who doesn’t mind listening to you “unload” - talking with someone who shares your frustration can suddenly make it bearable


Administer self-compassion immediately - all this asks is that you be kind to yourself. This means not blaming yourself for what emotions you're experiencing at the moment. Self-compassion also includes doing something nice for yourself

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