5 ways to spread positivity

Spread positivity

We may not realise it, but we all undoubtedly play a part in one another's day-to-day happiness. So, what would happen if all of us did everything we could to ensure each person we encounter has a good day? What would our world look like if we started spreading positivity wherever we go, however we can? Here are 5 tips to start making the world a better, happier place!

5 ways to spread positivity


Smile - the simplest way to begin spreading positivity is to smile. Sending a warm smile someone's way can really make a difference. It's the non-verbal way of saying, “it's going to be okay”


Compliment - we often keep our thoughts to ourselves, which can be a good thing, but we need to stop holding back what might alone make someone's day. This also means telling someone how much you appreciate them

5 ways to spread positivity


Utilise your social media accounts - make an effort to post positive, uplifting articles and pictures on social media


Be helpful - lend a helping hand wherever you go


Keep the negativity to yourself - we all feel negative sometimes, but that doesn't mean we have to bring everyone else we encounter down with us. However, this does not mean holding in any serious feelings - sometimes, it is good to let it out and allow others to help

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