About exam stress

What is exam stress?

Exam stress can be more than feeling nervous on the day of an exam. It can also be how you feel building up to exams, during exams and when waiting for results.

What causes exam stress?


Feeling like you're not ready


Pressure from others


Pressure from yourself


Comparing yourself to others


Worrying about the future


Coping with life changes


Having difficulties at home or in your relationships


Being a caregiver


Coping with physical/ mental health problems


Anxiety about the future

Coping with exam stress: During exam period

• Make time for things you enjoy
• Talk to others about how you feel
• Try to find balance
• Take care of your physical health
• Focus on yourself

Coping with exam stress: Preparing for exams

• Finding a study group
• Making a revision timetable
• Working in the best way for you
• Revising in the best place for you

Coping with exam stress: On the day of your exam

• Prepare your items the night before
• Start your day the best you can
• Try to ground yourself with a breathing exercise
• Take your time
• Remind yourself that it'll be over soon

After your exam:

• Try not to compare your answers to others
• Reward yourself
• Focus on next steps
• Relax before your next exam

Finding support

Remember that it's ok to ask for help at any time! You can:
• Ask for help from your teachers or counselling services
• Talk to someone you trust (family/ friends)
• Speak to someone confidentially (e.g. through SOS/ Silver Ribbon Singapore)
• Try Wysa's AI therapy chatbot
Don't be afraid to reach out to mental health professionals when you need it.

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