Accept your current situation as if you had chosen it

Make life your friend, not your enemy

We only have a tiny locus of control in our lives - what we think and feel, what we say and what we do. The rest is seemingly out of our reach - we can't control events, or how other people react to what we think, feel, say or do.
This means that when life doesn't go the way we wanted or expected, our natural reaction is usually a negative emotion. Always work with life, not against it. Make it your friend and ally - not your enemy.

Whatever is happening right now, take these steps


Accept it - without acceptance of a situation, you are powerless to change it. You lose your power in that moment that you can't accept a situation


Act as if you had chosen it - if you do accept the situation and act as though you had chosen the situation, you have the choice to change it

It may take time

Making life your friend instead of your enemy takes work - it's not an immediate, overnight shift. When you start radically accepting uncomfortable situations out of your control, it might not feel great at first. But one thing does happen - you start to flow with light, instead of against it. You start asking, ‘Maybe there's a reason why this has happened. How can I learn from this and make the best of where I am, right now?'

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