Answering questions on mental health

How can I look after my mental health?


Take care of your wellbeing


Practise self-care


Find ways to boost your confidence


Ask for help or support when you need it

Do mental health problems run in families?

Some research suggests that some mental health problems might run in families but it may also be caused by our ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that we learn from our parents or environment.

What treatments and support are there?


Talking therapies (e.g. counselling and CBT)




Creative therapies (e.g. music, drawing, painting, dancing, drama, playing games)


Peer support

Do mental health problems make someone dangerous?

Most mental health problems have no link to dangerous or violent behaviour. This idea is often supported by the negative and unrealistic way that people with mental health problems are shown on media.

Can I live well with a mental health problem?

While it is true that mental health problems can affect parts of your life, you can manage your symptoms by trying to spot what makes your mental health worse, and taking steps to change these things.

Can I get better from a mental health problem?

Yes it's possible. It's important to remember that getting better is a journey. Your symptoms might return from time to time, but you can manage them better with the right combination of self-care, treatment and support that works for you.

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