Are there mental health benefits of video games?

Benefits of video games

Playing video games has benefits for your mental health, including:
• Mental stimulation - games often make you think quickly
• Feeling accomplished - when you achieve the goals of the game, you derive satisfaction that improves your wellbeing
• Mental health recovery and stress relief
• Social interaction - multiplayer games are good for virtual social interaction
• Emotional resilience - people learn how to cope with failure and keep trying

Playing for your wellbeing

Playing video games has been linked to improved moods and mental health benefits. You can try:
• Playing strategic video games that strengthen problem-solving skills
• Setting limits on the time you spend gaming
• Playing with friends that helps with socialisation, relaxation and managing stress

Excessive gaming

Gaming stops being good for you when you play an excessive amount. In these cases, you may experience anxious feelings, be unable to sleep, avoid social settings or use video games to escape real life. Such behaviour can lead to gaming addiction and other negative behaviours.
Too much gaming is a problem, but in moderation, gaming can be great for your mental health.

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