Are you having a bad day? Exactly what to do and not to do

Have you had one of those bad days?

A day when you felt small, or like a bad person? Or perhaps a day where you were publicly humiliated? Or just in a bad mood for absolutely no reason?
How do you typically deal with such days?

What you should not do

• Have an internal conversation full of negativity and self-hate
• Rationalise how much you suck by giving yourself examples and finding evidence for why you are indeed a failure
• Projecting your feelings of insecurity onto others
• You stopped feeling, thinking, but completely withdrew
• You firmly believed that these ugly feelings are forever, and if anything things would get worse

Here is what you should do instead

• Honour any feeling you have, even if negative but, be kind to yourself and show self-compassion
• Speak to yourself with dignity and respect - don't allow any thoughts of self-disrespect to invade your soul
• Connect with someone who is trustworthy and who loves you because of your vulnerabilities
• Exercise and indulge in nature
• Tell yourself “nothing is forever, this too shall pass” - some days are bad so just allow them to pass

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