Building a supportive network of family and friends

What does it mean to have a supportive network?

Having a supportive network does not mean that one should seek to make as many friends as possible for the sake of doing so. Instead, we should strive to focus on the important relationships with a handful of people in our social circle and strengthen these relationships. It is about building and maintaining a network of people you can trust and fall back on in times of difficulty.

Why is having a supportive network important?

Human beings do not thrive alone. We need to feel a sense of belonging to a larger social group and feel socially connected to our family and friends.
It is not enough to have only one person in your support network as you may over-rely on that person. Additionally, different people fulfil different roles in our lives. Hence, it is advisable to have a number of strong relationships in your social circle.

Build this supportive network!

Keep in touch with friends and loved ones on a regular basis. Make an effort to catch up and ask them about how they are getting on. They will be able to feel your concern and sincerity.
Show appreciation for your loved ones from time to time to remind them of how important they are to you. A simple ‘I'm glad that you are in my life' shows that you value them.

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