Burnout: What it's like to suffer the symptoms at school or university

Millennial burnout

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about the particular stresses of being a millennial - like feeling a need to look great on social media, or the fact that more and more people are working freelance, which comes with the added pressure of having to find the next gig. Feeling overwhelmed by all of this has been dubbed ‘millennial burnout'.

Symptoms of burnout

• Feeling exhausted
• Feeling depleted of the motivation to perform to the standard that you were before
• Feelings of cynicism, such as feeling as though what you're currently doing is pointless and won't help you in the future
• No longer enjoying a course or other activities that you once did
• Feeling isolated

Your stories

The physical symptoms of burnout can be extensive. Hana, 21, said that as a fresher at university, she developed a twitch in one eye and a spasm in the other - which she thinks resulted from a constant emotional drain. The pressure to be seen to be doing all things and to be thriving in them was a common theme. Not only that, but Marcia, 24, thinks it's even encouraged by some universities.

Your stories

Gauthier, 26, said that it was the added burden of financial responsibility that was overwhelming. Others such as Aishah, 27, said it was because they wanted to be seen to be doing as well as their peers.

Seeking help

If you're feeling burnt out, Dr Theodosiou recommends looking into the arrangements that universities have for people who are experiencing any kind of mental health need. It is also important to have a professional figure out that burnout is actually what you are suffering from. This is so that burnout isn't equated with anxiety and depression, as you need to make sure you're getting the right treatment for your personal needs.

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