Coping with the anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy

Anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, even when it is planned. The shock and uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy can lead to anxiety and stress. Effectively dealing with that stress is vital so that you can make appropriate decisions.

Tips for coping


Make sure you are really pregnant - it is possible that you are stressing without cause. Home pregnancy tests can lead you to believe you are pregnant when you are really not. Take a medical test to know for sure.


Talk with people who love you - carrying the emotional weight all on your own is too much. Talking about it and sharing your feelings with your loved ones can help you work through your feelings.

Tips for coping


Learn about all of your options - you may think that you already understand the pregnancy options available to you, but there are likely options you haven't yet considered


Develop a plan - depending on what you choose, make a plan detailing specific steps


Treat yourself with love - an unplanned pregnancy does not change the fact that you are a beautiful person. You are worthy of love from everyone around you, especially yourself.

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