Feeling stuck? 5 ways to shift to a growth mindset

Feeling stuck

At some point in your life, you're going to get stuck. It may happen in your personal life or your professional one, it may take a week or a year, but it will happen. The signs are easy to spot - the days feel monotonous, the tasks unexciting. You feel like your life is on a dull, unimaginative loop.
Here, we delve into how shifting to a growth mindset can get you out of the funk you're in and help move you forward in your life.

A fixed mindset

According to Dr Carol Dweck, when people have a fixed mindset, they believe that their intelligence and talents are fixed and static, and so they just accept them as they are. This kind of mindset can easily lead to feelings of stagnation.

A growth mindset

On the other hand, those with a growth mindset believe that their intelligence and skills can be improved. This assumes that everyone can grow and be better through learning, feedback and effort. Moreover, these people see failures as opportunities to learn and they acknowledge the need for change when the current situation no longer allows them to reach their goals. Those with a growth mindset tend to be more successful.

Embracing the growth mentality

Which kind of mindset do you have? Are you willing to make the shift? If you are ready to get unstuck, here are 5 ways you can train your mind to welcome growth:
1. Don't be afraid to fail
2. Seek out change
3. Never stop learning
4. Be open to criticism
5. Constantly challenge your limits

The bottom line

It is vital to embrace a growth mindset. It will allow you not just to keep up with the times but also to get ahead. After all, the most sought-after skills of the past might be useless tomorrow. Remember that it's not how good you are that matters - it's how good and better you want to be.

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