Fighting depression

Changing help-seeking behaviour

People dealing with depression symptoms tend to take much longer to seek help. They may not be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression, or may even think that it is a phase. Also, there is a social stigma of depression and mental illness.
Destigmatising, raising awareness and educating people will help create a mindset shift and change the cultural norm.

Establishing a safety network

Recognising that those afflicted with depression have difficulty getting help, the onus is often on their support network to recognise depression symptoms and help them overcome it.
Safety network can come from:
1. Family
2. Friends and peers
3. School and work
4. Support from the community

How you can help personally


Encourage them to get appropriate professional help


Support healthy living habits such as exercise, exploring interests, going on a break


Be patient, understanding and empathetic

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