Figuring out what you are good at

Ways to figure out what you are good at

It's a universal dream to do what we're passionate about, but sometimes the thing we care about more isn't what we do best. This doesn't mean that your dream is dead but it does mean that you need to figure out how to bring that dream to fruition - using the skills you currently possess. Your dream may be tweaked, but you will still be able to do what you are passionate about. Here are questions that can help to make that happen.

1. What skills have helped you thrive?

Think about the situations that have challenged you in your life - is there a common thread among all of them? If so, that's something you are good at. All you have to do now is figure out which field or position that skill is best suited for.

2. What makes you feel strong?

Using our strengths makes us feel strong. Take note of the times you feel invigorated, inquisitive and successful. These moments are all clues to what your strengths are.
Consider your go-to task when you feel overloaded. When you are overwhelmed, you want to feel in control. To be in control, you do what makes you feel strong. As you identify and focus on what makes you feel strong, you can also expect to be happier.

3. What made you stand out as a child?

As children, we do what we love to do - even if it makes us an oddity. When you look back on your childhood past times, you are likely to discover an innate talent. Is there something that made you peculiar when you were young? Could it actually be your superpower?

4. What compliments do you tend to ignore?

All too often, we are oblivious to our strengths. When you do something reflexively well, it's easy to overlook it. Keep your ears open for compliments that you habitually dismiss.
The tendency to deflect compliments around what you do well is understandable, but it may leave you trading at a discount to what you are really worth. Don't assume that just because something comes easily or is obvious to you, it's not valuable to someone else.

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