Getting in touch with your spiritual side

Ways of expressing spirituality

Spirituality has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose, and feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves. People express their spirituality in different ways:
• Religious ways (e.g. Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism)
• Non-religious ways (e.g. humanism, environmentalism, social action)

Start with what's important to you

• Think about how you see yourself in relation to your friends, family and world
• Identify what is important to you - think about the changes you would like to see in yourself and in your world
• Try to describe your authentic or true self - think about the values you want to live by
• Take time each day to connect with your natural environment
• Meditate and/ or do yoga to focus on the mind-body connection

Tips for practising spirituality

• Believe and do what's right for you - spirituality should be meaningful to you. Although respecting others' beliefs is important, don't feel like you have to follow them if they are not right for you.
• Talk to others - you might feel overwhelmed, so don't be afraid to talk about it with trusted friends or family, or religious leaders
• Stick at it - don't worry about what others think. This is about finding meaning in your life, not theirs

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