Helping people who aren't ready for help

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Some things to encourage them to seek support.

Sometimes a person who may be showing signs of a diagnosed mental health condition may refuse to seek support and treatment. This can happen for many reasons, but whatever the reasons are, the longer someone goes without support, the more distress they will experience, making it harder for them to recover.
1. Plan for what you are going to say
2. Speak in a calm, quiet voice
3. Become informed
4. Be patient
5. Listen

What if the person still doesn’t want help?

It is important to reiterate that you are concerned about them. Ask if there are any specific reasons for why they don’t want to seek help. Once you have an idea on what is worrying them, try working together to find a solution.
Remember that it is best for the person involved to voluntarily seek help. Try not to worry if your first attempt to talk to them isn’t successful.

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