How body neutrality can help with eating disorder recovery

What is body neutrality?

Body neutrality focuses on accepting the body as a vehicle for living that needs to be cared for with sufficient food, water, rest, and basic self-care, rather than on focusing on its form or shape.
It is different from body positivity, which implies unconditional acceptance without room for any other experience of the body. It is also different from body love, which implies that one should love one's body all the time.

Becoming realistic about your body

Our feelings about our body can actually be placed on a continuum starting from body hatred and passing through body neutrality, body appreciation, and body acceptance on its way to the ideal of body love.
It’s okay and normal for any of us to have days where we don’t feel perfect in our bodies and days where we don’t love the way our body looks.

Ways to incorporate body neutrality into your life


Limit exposure to unrealistic body standards


Learn about body diversity by educating and exposing yourself to them


Practise body gratitude by appreciating the skills, strengths, and capabilities of your body


Stay true to your values and remind yourself of what you want to be known for


Focus on caring for your body, this can be eating intuitively regular satisfying meals, engaging in joyful movement, and getting enough rest

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