How do I know if I'm facing anxiety issues? What are some of its symptoms?

Anxiety may present itself as a constant sense of worry, nervousness, or self-doubt, and its cause may not be easy to spot. While it’s normal to feel anxious once in a while, a constant and/or overwhelming feeling of dread can interfere with your daily life.
Anxiety symptoms can vary from person to person, but may manifest in the forms of intrusive or obsessive thoughts, feelings of confusion or restlessness. For some, it may also cause feelings of depression. It is also possible for anxiety to come in the form of physical symptoms, like high blood pressure, trembling, insomnia, or even headaches or digestive problems. When these physical symptoms occur suddenly and severely, you may be having a panic attack. offers a clinically validated anxiety scale, GAD-7, that assesses the user’s stress and anxiety levels in order to suggest a set of recommended actions to take (e.g. call a helpline or do a deep breathing exercise). Users also have the option to chat with Wysa, an emotionally intelligent AI chatbot, where they will be prompted with suitable self-care exercises to complete based on the detected state of emotional wellbeing through the conversation. Wysa is accessible 24/7, so you will always have access to a listening ear.

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