How to control gamer rage in yourself or your loved ones

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Controlling gamer rage

When things keep going wrong in gaming, it is easy to lose control and rage quit, sometimes even throwing controllers across the room in frustration. How can players and their partners, friends or family recognise this gamer rage, and how can it be controlled?

Recognise the signs

Every gamer has different triggers for what makes them angry. Recognising these triggers is an important first step in taking back control.
Try and stay conscious of the signs of frustration. These include erratic thoughts, raised heart rate, quick breathing and sometimes, shaking, sweating and dizziness. There is also the feeling of anger that begins to bubble up. If it is a friend having difficulty, then help them to recognise these signs.

Fix the immediate issue

Once the signs begin to show, players need to take a break. Stopping will immediately calm you down, since you are removing the source of frustration. Do anything that moves you away from the screen and changes your focus for a while.
Taking regular breaks and keeping active while gaming is recommended and can help to stop frustration. Evidence suggests that taking breaks will allow you to come back more focused and ready to beat the challenge.

Make game adjustments

If you are struggling with a game, don't be afraid to seek help. You can do this by watching a video of someone playing or by simply lowering the game's difficulty level.
Many feel that they aren't playing properly if they adjust the settings but this is nonsense. Even the best get stuck sometimes. It's better to lower the difficulty, defeat it and carry on. You can always play again on a more difficult setting, once you got the hang of it.

Anger management

If you are someone who is quick to anger in other areas of life as well, then you may need to check out some anger management techniques. These will encourage you to think about your anger and where it stems from, recognise your triggers and better control your reactions.
Some calming techniques include breathing exercises, mindfulness, releasing anger safely and distracting yourself.

It's just a game

Frustration and anger are common when people are passionate about their hobbies. Being passionate about something is great, but just keep things in perspective. The most important thing to remember is that it is just a game.
No matter how much you love it, a game is a game. There will always be another round, another level and another game to play. Playing something easy and relaxing can be another way to reduce gamer rage.

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