How to stop fighting with your family

All families experience conflict

Though it can seem to stress the people involved, it's actually incredibly normal for families to fight. Like all relationships, communication is a crucial aspect of preventing conflict. Family arguments are completely normal, and sometimes you don't need to stop them altogether. It's how conflict is handled in a family that determines the health and wellness of everyone involved, and can prevent fighting and family arguments in the future.

Parents arguing with each other

It can be hard to watch your parents fight. Even if they disagree, it can still make you feel upset and even anxious. However, it's important to remember that everyone argues from time to time.
If it bothers you when your parents argue, consider telling them how you feel. Though you may be nervous to tell them how you feel, it allows them to reassure you and open up a healthy dialogue.

Arguing with your parents

Growing up isn't easy. Sometimes you may feel misunderstood or your parents don't give you enough independence. If you often find yourself arguing with your parents, you need to explore where your anger is coming from. Nobody is perfect, and your parents are no exception.
If you don't feel safe confronting your parents about your feelings, consider speaking to a therapist, family member, or guidance counsellor.

Fight with a sibling

Siblings frequently fight with each other. Being close in age often increases the likelihood of arguments. For the most part, siblings learn to get along as they get older.
By taking the initiative to talk about your feelings productively, you allow you and your sibling to find common ground. Having a sibling that supports you can make life more enjoyable, and being able to resolve disagreements effectively can help your bond grow stronger.

Tips for handling anger more constructively

Learning to manage your anger can help reduce fighting. In the middle of a fight, it can be tough to control your anger. However, it can help to learn more constructive ways to release that anger before you end up in a situation where you feel like you're going to explode. One sure way to release your anger is to get active. If you're not the type to release aggressive energy, you can also try a simple meditation.

Tips for reducing family fights

When you're trying to resolve an argument, try to focus more on solutions than problems. Instead of trying to win the argument, work with the other person to think about ways to prevent a similar situation in the future. A great way to think of it is, ‘How can we win this together and strive towards the goal of understanding each other?' This way, you think of yourself and your family member as a team, working towards a resolution.

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