How to take care of yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed

When you are feeling overwhelmed

There are times in life when you're going to feel overwhelmed. Whether it be work, school, social obligations or just life in general, we all feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed at some point. It's important to give yourself grace when you have these feelings. Try not to brush them off or push through whatever is causing you to feel anxious - your mental health matters. Understand that you can take a step back.

Tips for when you are feeling overwhelmed


Take a deep breath and step away - create some separation between you and whatever is making you feel this way


Create a “no” list and set healthy boundaries - protecting your time and space can give you a sense of control over your schedule. If you don't want to do something or have been dreading something, don't feel like you have to go.

Tips for when you are feeling overwhelmed


Be kind to yourself - remember that feeling overwhelmed is okay


Ask for help from a loved one - your social support network is there for you to lean on


Write it out - writing about why you feel overwhelmed is a great way to alleviate those feelings

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