If I am facing anxiety issues, what counselling options are available for me in Singapore?

Anxiety counselling in Singapore is readily available in various forms, with’s own Wysa, an emotionally intelligent AI chatbot, offering free 24/7 online therapy. In addition to therapy, Wysa also provides users with suitable self-care exercises to complete as it detects a user’s state of emotional wellbeing during their conversation.
Belle the Helpbot is another chatbot which directs users to appropriate mental health programmes and services in Singapore based on the socio-emotional needs indicated by the users.
For youths aged between 12 - 25 years old, the e-Counselling Centre (eC2) can be another viable option to seek help and advice. It provides services such as psychoeducation and outreach, mental health screening and service linkage, as well as basic emotional support (one-to-one or group). It also offers Quick Chat, which is a free one-to-one mental health screening via online chat that allows youths to talk about their mental health or emotional concerns.

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