Internet and gaming addiction

Does someone you know or do you:

• Think about previous Internet/ gaming activity or anticipate your next Internet/ gaming session?
• Feel the need to use the Internet or game with increasing amounts of time in order to achieve satisfaction?
• Repeatedly make unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop Internet use/ gaming?
• Feel restless, moody, depression or irritable when attempting to cut down/ stop Internet use/ gaming?

Does someone you know or do you:

• Stay online/ game longer than originally intended?
• Risk the loss of a significant relationship, job or educational or career opportunity because of the Internet/ gaming?
• Lie to family members to conceal the extent of involvement with the Internet/ gaming?
• Use the Internet/ gaming as a way of escaping from problems?

Help and treatment at WE CARE community services

• Screening - the aim of the initial session is to identify the presence of excessive gaming and/ or problematic Internet use problems and any negative consequences
• Assessment - to get an understanding of the severity and depth of excessive gaming and problematic Internet use in the context of the client life's situation
• Treatment planning and counselling - the treatment plan is tailored to the client's needs

IGA intervention programme

The Internet and Gaming Addiction (IGA) intervention programme is a structured therapy programme designed for people with Internet and/ or gaming addictions. Counselling is provided by trained addiction specialists. The basic programme includes 6 individual sessions and 2 optional family sessions. Depending on needs, some clients may require further sessions after the initial phase.

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