Is student entrepreneurship culture creating mental health problems?

Problems arising from entrepreneurship culture


Overbearing expectation to ‘work hard, do more'

• Prioritisation of achievements and project growth over one's health

• Impaired sleep and overwork leads to depression

• Physical ailments might arise later in life

Problems arising from entrepreneurship culture


Pressure to succeed at a young age

• Not everyone's timeline of achievement is the same

• Leads to low self-esteem and depression

• Feelings of guilt that you're not doing enough

• Addictive need to succeed and be task-oriented

• Unable to adapt to adversity

• Unhealthy comparison to others

3 ways to take care of your mental health


Learn to say no to things - especially work


Don't obsess over the competition


Take a breather


Know that it isn't a race - take your time and find what you're really passionate about

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