Learning to deal with unrealistic standards of beauty and success

Seeing success on social media

It has always been ingrained in my mind that success is a result of hard work, but it's hard to hold on to that belief when I began realising early on, thanks to social media content, that luck also plays a huge role in one's success. As I scroll through social media, I think ‘Am I enough? Why them and not me?' Sometimes, I can't help but feel like all my life's accomplishments are nothing compared with what people on the internet have achieved.

Unrealistic standards of beauty

Social media has led to the widespread culture of image curation, where people showcase their seemingly perfect relationships, lifestyles and bodies. It has also created a new standard of conventional beauty that many want to achieve.
I often find myself staring at my reflection in the mirror, scrutinising my face from every angle. This is even though I am aware that social media shows only the best parts of people's lives.

You am not alone

Often, I would hop on social media with the intention of unwinding after a long day at work, but find myself mounting anxiety as I scrolled. There have been times I would deactivate my account because I was fed up with my feelings of inadequacy.
When I shared these with my friends, I realised that they had similar anxieties. The carefully curated, often false realities perpetuated by social media have created unrealistic ideals for many of us.

Putting your phone down

If you are unable to regulate negative emotions that arise from using social media or find that it contributes to low self-esteem in the long term, consider taking a break, until you are in a better space to manage these thoughts.
It is beneficial to reflect on one's own definition of success and know that it is okay if your version of succcess doesn't look like others'. Comparison can sometimes be useful to view others as role models.

Be mindful and accept yourself

Be mindful of fixations on imperfections. An unhelpful thinking process is disqualifying the positives and overgeneralising the negatives, in which we allow one flaw to taint our perception of ourselves.
It is inevitable to experience some discontent, but you should hold on to your own values. Live your life on your own terms and celebrate what you are good at. Accept yourself for who you are, and you can become the best version of yourself.

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