Let's talk about friendship

Why make friends?

Personal friendships offer invaluable emotional support and companionship. By sharing unique stories, hobbies, and interests with people you care about, you become a more well-rounded and mature individual. Regardless of culture or upbringing, human beings are emotional beings that need human connection to thrive.

Does making friends get harder as you grow older?

When you’re younger, you have many opportunities to make friends because you are constantly coming into contact with other people. Unfortunately, these opportunities shrink after you graduate. As an adult, your priorities begin to change. There are fewer and fewer ways to meet new people naturally. You may have to go out of your way to join groups - and that can be difficult for those who aren’t naturally extroverted!

Common challenges that people face


Not knowing how to connect with different/ dissimilar people


Difficulty finding like-minded people


Being in widely different locations


Concerns about not fitting in

Making friends as an adult is doable

Making friends as an adult in this weird, difficult world is tough. But with enough effort (and sometimes, outside help), it’s very possible. Many of the challenges and fears we’ve mentioned can be alleviated by joining local online groups of facilitated events.

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