Living well with a disability

1. Learning to accept your disability

Give yourself time to mourn
• Don't try to suppress your feelings
• You're likely to go through a roller coaster of emotions
• You don't have to put on a happy face
• You can be happy, even in a new body
• Don't dwell on what you can no longer do
• Learn as much as possible about your disability

2. Find ways to minimise your disability's impact

• Be your own advocate
• Take advantage of the things you can do
• Set realistic goals and be patient

3. Ask for (and accept) help


Nurture the important relationships in your life


Join a disability support group


Accepting help doesn't make you weak


Consider talking to a mental health professional

4. Find things to do that give you meaning




Develop new hobbies and activities that make you happy


Find ways to give back to those around you


Take care of an animal

5. Making health your priority

• Start small, build from there
• Get creative
• Listen to your body
• Don’t compare yourself to others/ your past self
Eat well:
• Get lots of high-quality protein
• Minimise sugar and refined carbs
• Focus on how you feel after eating
• Drink plenty of water
Don't underestimate the power of sleep and make stress management a priority.

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