Mental health effects of abuse

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Effects of physical abuse

People that have been battered by their partners may also experience stress, PTSD, eating disorders, among other symptoms. Physical violence may disrupt sleep patterns and has been linked with insomnia. In addition, there is a high risk of engaging in substance abuse following repeated physical violence from a partner.

Effects of emotional abuse

Being surrounded by a partner with turbulent mood changes can be mentally taxing. Victims of emotional abuse are likely to experience depression and anxiety. It isn’t uncommon for an abused partner to develop phobias, or alcohol and substance use disorders. An emotionally abused person may also self-harm or engage in reckless sexual practices following emotional harm.

Effects of sexual abuse

When a person’s sexual autonomy is forcibly overtaken by a partner or another person, this can produce understandably adverse reactions in the body and mind. A victim of sexual abuse may also find it difficult to hold on to relationships and can begin to struggle with depression and anxiety. While navigating the anger and disbelief of their partner’s actions, victims may experience PTSD, sexual dysfunction, and poor sleep patterns.

Effects of financial abuse

It can be mentally and emotionally devastating when one person can decide to withhold money for the food their partner eats or even decree a haircut as an unnecessary monthly expense.
Intimate partners on the receiving end of financial abuse may be found in a constant state of anxiety and distress over their economic state. The reality is that they lack the resources to leave their partners and feel trapped. This feeling can lead to depression.

A final word

Abuse in any form can be incredibly damaging to someone's emotional and physical health. If you are a victim of abuse, please remember that it is not your fault and that there are resources that are available to help you.

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