Positive affirmations to relieve anxiety and stress

Easing stress with affirmations

There are countless situations that can be impacted by negative thoughts. It is easy to get distracted by negativity and fears that can lead to a downward spiral of emotions. To move forward, one should swap negativity with rational, positive thoughts. This shift comes more easily and automatically with practice, eventually shaping new thinking habits.
There are ways to use positive affirmations to manage stress.

1. Identify and stop negative thoughts

Learn to identify negative thoughts so that you can nix the negativity as soon as it enters your mind. Correct your negative thought by consciously deciding to reframe and move your thoughts into a more positive direction. These thoughts can help place you in a better frame of mind.

2. Use positive affirmations

You may find it helpful to learn positive affirmations ahead of time so that you are prepared when triggering situations occur. For instance, when faced with fearful situations, repeat positive affirmations that acknowledge your negative thoughts and let them go:
• Anxiety isn't dangerous. I'm just uncomfortable and I'll make it through this
• I will be okay
• I feel anxious, but so what? I know what that feels like and I'll get through it

3. Remain realistic

At times, positive thinking can be taken too far so it is important to remain grounded. When positive affirmations become unrealistic, they can trigger more anxiety and you can find yourself more stressed out from convincing yourself that you can do things you are not prepared for.
Affirmations are more powerful when they are rooted in reality.

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