Questions to begin your self-discovery journey

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Mindful self-discovery

• What's going on inside your body at the moment (e.g. sensations)?
• Is there joy, ease and lightness in what you are doing at the present moment?
• Do you really have any problems right now in this present moment?
• Is there anything you can do to change, improve or remove yourself from a present dissatisfactory situation? If not, how can you move toward accepting your present circumstances?

Exploring your values

• What are your top 5 personal and professional values?
• How are you living outside your values?
• In what areas do you feel a personal sense of responsibility to better the world?
• How are you living outside of your integrity?

Questions about fear and courage

• What do you fear the most?
• What fears have actually come true in your life?
• What would happen if you treated the actions you fear as an experiment?
• For which pending decision could you use 10% more courage?"

Considering worthwhile experiences

• What has made your childhood worthwhile?
• What lessons did you learn last week?
• What makes life worthwhile for you?
• What trip have you always wanted to take, and how could you make this trip happen?

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