Race and religion in Singapore

Multiracialism, mutual understanding and cohesion

It is important to reflect on race in our local context and better understand what it feels like to face discrimination or racism. Each of us should understand issues about race and religion better and step out of our comfort zones to meet with people of different backgrounds, races and religions. As individuals, we can do more to tackle racist behaviours in society such as by speaking up against racist comments.

Race and religion in our education system

We hope that education about the complexities of race and religion can start from young. Our understanding of racial harmony should go beyond a basic appreciation of other cultures' cuisines and artistic heritage. For example, we could equip parents and teachers with resources to help guide and facilitate discussions on more sensitive issues around race, religion, and cultural beliefs in Singapore’s context.

Constructive dialogue on race and religion

As a society, we need to be able to engage, listen and reason with facts when discussing sensitive issues like race and religion. We hope to have more inclusive and safe spaces for people to discuss such issues, and enable those who feel marginalised to speak up about their personal experiences.
We feel strongly that such dialogues build mutual understanding between different races and religions. and hopefully, will lead to tangible change.

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