Recovering from an eating disorder

What is your definition of recovery?

Recovery can mean different things to different individuals:
1. For some, it means the end of their symptoms (e.g. restricting, bingeing, excessive exercising, purging)
2. For others, it means an end to the self-hatred, fear, guilt and negative self-talk associated with an eating disorder
3. It can also mean discovering a meaningful and happy life for yourself, with healthy ways of coping with any problems that occur

Benefits or value of recovering

It can be hard to see the value of recovery, given that this could be their way of coping with certain problems or emotions, wherein it gave them a sense of control when everything else in their life feels chaotic.
Below are some benefits of recovery:
1. No longer living in fear and worry
2. No longer letting your mood be dictated by numbers on a scale
3. Feeling comfortable in your own body
4. Having energy to do things you enjoy

Self-help tools

Here are some ways to help with the situation outside of professional support:
1. Keep a recovery journal
2. Spend time around supportive people
3. Talk to others who are recovering/ have recovered
4. Go on body-positive outings
5. Read recovery-oriented books
6. Take up a hobby
7. Do things that nourish your soul

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