Reducing stress with positive energy

What is positive energy?

Positive energy is used to describe an optimistic approach to life. It refers to an attitude that is encouraging, productive and beneficial. Positive energy can contribute to happiness and wellness.
People exhibit positive energy by:
• Being kind and generous
• Believing that good things will happen
• Engaging in positive self-talk
• Feeling gratitude
• Pursuing goals
• Having high energy levels
• Surrounding themselves with positive people

Benefits of positive energy

Maintaining a sense of positive energy can have benefits for your mind and body. It can help you:
• Cope with stress
• Live longer
• Increase your resilience

Effects of negativity

Negative energy is equated with a pessimistic approach, and can take a toll on your wellbeing and lead to a pessimistic view of the world. Some effects of negativity:
• Increased perception of stress
• Pessimistic thinking
• Self-limitation
While positive energy can build you up, negativity can drag you down and make you feel more stress, more pessimistic and less confident in yourself.

Creating positive energy

To transform your mood from negative to positive, it is important to surround yourself with positive energy, feelings and people. These are ways to cultivate more positivity:
• Uplifting music
• Inspirational books
• Positive people
• Affirmations
• Loving-Kindness Meditation
• Reframing thoughts

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