Self-help for self-harm

Distracting from self-harm

Some ideas include:
1. Making the environment safe - be with other people, remove potential objects and avoid place where you're more likely to self-harm
2. Delaying self-harm - make the decision to pause and talk to someone first
3. Making a self-harm distraction box
4. Writing in a journal
5. Exercising
6. Playing video games
7. Relaxation techniques
8. Crying
9. Talking to someone

Alternatives to self-harm

Sometimes it might feel that the urge to self-harm is too strong for distraction to work. These suggestions might help you to release tension or to better tolerate your distress but are not a solution to the underlying problem.
For full recovery, you will need to work with a mental health professional to address the thoughts and feelings that are causing your self-harming behaviour.

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