Sexual orientation

What is sexual orientation?

There are many sexual orientations and they all exist on a wide spectrum.
The common sexual orientations:
• Heterosexual: Attracted to people of the opposite sex
• Bisexual: Attracted to people of either sex
• Homosexual: Attracted to people of one's own sex
• Pansexual: Attracted to people of any gender identity
• Asexual: Not sexually attracted to other people

What determines sexual orientation?

• Combination of environmental, emotional, hormonal and biological factors
• Homosexuality, bisexuality are not caused by the way children were reared by their parents, or by something that happened to them when they were young

How do people know their sexual orientation

• Noticing your sexual thoughts, activities and behaviours
• However, it is possible to have fantasies/ be curious about people of the same sex without being homosexual/ bisexual

Can sexual orientation be changed?


Some may hide their sexual orientation to avoid prejudice from others/ shame they have been thought to feel about their sexuality


Trying to change someone to a heterosexual orientation may not work and may be damaging

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