The keys to happiness: Mindfulness and positive experiences

Mindfulness leads to happiness

While there is nothing wrong with working hard to achieve our goals, we are often so caught up in pursuing them that we forget to live for the present moment. A good way to reframe the way you think and approach life is to practise mindfulness - it's easier than you might image. Mindfulness means paying attention to your sense of the present - choosing to put away distractions and be in the here and now.

How to be positive and happy

We can look after ourselves by imagining that we all have an emotional and psychological “bank account”. When we keep this account topped up, we feel that our lives are meaningful. So when there are “withdrawals” due to negative experiences, our account will not get depleted. We can do this by accumulating positive experiences, big and small. These “deposits” will help us to stay positive and deal with stress better.

Move towards and focus on the positive

This, in a nutshell, is what positive psychology is about. It's not just about avoiding the negative but moving into the positive and playing to our strengths. Research on positive psychology has found that the happiest people are good in something they enjoy, they use their skills in service of a cause they believe in, and they count on friends and family for support.
So do something you love! You may find that joy isn’t elusive after all.

Be positive and live it up!

Boost your mind and emotions with these simple activities:
• Take up a favourite exercise
• Catch up with old friends and colleagues
• Learn a new skill such as photography, or pick up a new language
• Join an interest group or support group
• Volunteer for a good cause

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