The psychology of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies

For different women, pregnancies can mean different things. There can be planned pregnancies that go perfectly according to plan, planned pregnancies that do not go according to plan and unplanned pregnancies that are huge game-changers.
Being equipped to deal with unplanned pregnancies psychologically can help you to make the best decision for the rest of your life.

Acceptance and being honest with yourself

Accept that you are in shock - this is a phase that you should try to accept, and then wait for the intense emotions to subside.
Be honest about your own feelings - allow yourself to experience the rollercoaster of emotions, accepting them and letting them come and go, as they will.

Trust yourself

Trust your gut - try to put aside outside issues and tune into your gut feeling. Remember that your partner is most likely in shock too, so give time for things to settle down.
Visions of life - everyone has visions of how their life would be if they could attain the best. Talk to your partner about his/ her visions and see if you have a middle ground.

Face your fears and visualise

Face your fears - having fears about pregnancies are normal. Remember that we cannot control all aspects of our lives so be honest about what your gut feeling is telling you.
Visualisation is a helpful tool. Visualise yourself in your home with your baby - how does that feel? Visualise what seems natural to you, which should trigger more genuine gut feelings.

Seek non-judgemental support and professional help

Seek support from those around you whom you know to be non-judgemental, supportive and balanced. This type of support is important.
It may help to clarify your feelings by speaking to a non-judgemental professional, who is also going to be a neutral person in your life.

Pregnancy is a very personal experience

Remember that no parent is perfect, if that is the route you decide to choose, and there is no perfect time.
Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancy is a personal experience. Trust that you have psychologically and truthfully assessed your own unique situation.

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