The secret to overcoming reactive anger and frustration

Overcoming reactive anger and frustration

Dealing with emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment can be a challenge. No one is immune to reacting to even small challenges and disappointments. But what we can do is to consciously practice a way of thinking that can almost instantly make you feel lighter and less frustrated - you mindfully reappraise.

Reappraisal to the emotional rescue

Reappraisal is a 2-step process:
1. Pause and observe the emotional reactivity you're experiencing - take a step back and take a fresh look at what has just happened. Imagine you are on a hilltop looking down on the action, as an impartial observer. From this safe distance, look at what is happening with a sense of curiosity and interest. Just noticing the thoughts and feelings of curiosity helps you to not identify or attach so strongly to them.

Reappraisal to the emotional rescue


Find a fresh and realistic perspective - there is one important thing you can do for yourself to overcome disappointment, which is not to take it personally. Then, mindfulness lets you reappraise thoughts, letting you find more open, creative and alternative paths forward. In this way, you open the space for creating more thoughtful and balanced thoughts.

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