Tips for building resilience

Having resilience

Why is it that sometimes people go through really rough times and still bounce back? The difference is that those who bounce back are using resilience. The skill of resilience is something that can be learned. Resilience - the ability to adapt well in the face of hard times - is what makes some people seem like they have “got bounce” while others don't.

Tips to build resilience


Get together with your friends and parents - ask questions and listen to the answers


Cut yourself some slack - go easy on yourself when you are met with stresses


Create a hassle-free zone - not to keep everyone out, but to have a space free from stresses


Map out a routine and stick to it - during times of stress, don't forget the routines that give you comfort


Take care of yourself - physically, mentally and spiritually

Tips to build resilience


Take control - even in the midst of uncertainty, you can move towards your goals one step at a time. Even accomplishing small steps can help.


Express yourself - do something to capture your emotions like journalling or creating art


Help somebody - solving someone else's problems can get your mind off your own problems


Put things in perspective


Turn it off - sometimes, the news can add to the feeling that nothing is going right

Learning resilience

You can learn resilience, but just because you learn resilience doesn't mean that you won't feel stressed or anxious. Developing resilience is a personal journey, and each person will take his/ her own time along the way. The skills of resilience you learn during really bad times will be useful even after the bad times end, and they are good skills to have everyday.

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