Types of mental health problems


You feel sad, low, tearful for a long time, and stop enjoying your everyday life.


You often feel worried or afraid and this stops you from living your normal life. You might also experience panic and panic attacks.
Common types of anxiety:
1. General anxiety disorder
2. Social anxiety disorder
3. Phobias
4. Body dysmorphic disorder
5. Obsessive compulsive disorder
6. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Eating disorders

When you eat much more or much less food than you need, or have a difficult relationship with food.
Common eating problems:
1. Anorexia
2. Bulimia
3. Binge-eating


Schizophrenia can affect your thoughts and behaviours over a long period of time. It can include your thoughts or speech getting confused, or seeing and hearing things that others don't.

Bipolar disorder

Big changes in mood that affect your everyday life. You may have manic episodes (feeling high), and depressive episodes (feeling low).

Personality disorder

When you find it difficult to change the bits of your personality that can cause you or other people problems. They can affect your relationships, attention or behaviour.

What else might I experience?

We can all experience some feelings and behaviours which can be hard to deal with. But when you experience these feelings and behaviours for a long period of time, they could be linked with mental health problems.
These symptoms include:
1. Anger
2. Panic attacks
3. Hallucinations
4. Delusions
5. Self-harm
6. Suicidal feelings

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