Understanding asexuality

Love is not equal sex

• Asexuality is an umbrella term and exists on a spectrum. Asexuals may have little interest in having sex but may desire emotional intimacy
• Demisexual: People who only experience sexual attraction once they form a strong emotional connection
• Grey-A: People who identify somewhere between sexual and asexual
• Queerplatonic: People who experience a non-romantic relationship where the emotional connection goes beyond a friendship

Is it normal to not feel any sexual attraction?

Yes, it's completely normal, love doesn't equal to sex or being physical. You can have strong, meaningful relationships with friends/ partners that don't involve a sexual connection. Even if you don't feel sexual attraction to anyone, you might feel romantically attached to others.
Give yourself time and space to explore what you are feeling.

How do I tell my partner that I am asexual?

Coming out to anyone can be scary, and many in the ace community face specific risks (e.g. being rejected). Know that there is a whole community out there that is able to offer support.
You deserve love and happiness, and you should never feel pressured to have sex with someone if you don't want to, no matter how much you like them. If someone does not accept you for being asexual, they might not be the right person for you.

I'm asexual but to others, it doesn't exist

It sounds like these people are not understanding you as an asexual. Having the support of family and friends can make a huge difference in trying to discover who we are.
Being asexual is completely valid and normal. Asexuality is just a sexual orientation - you can still have strong relationships with friends/ partners without being physical. Continue sharing your story and find people who support you. Continue being authentically you.

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