Using social media in a positive way

Social media

Social media is not widely promoted as something that benefits our mental health. This is because excessive use of social media may disrupt things that have a positive impact on mental health, and the fear of missing out and comparing ourselves to others online can create feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. However, when used moderately and mindfully, social media can help to boost our sense of wellbeing.

Tips to use social media in a positive way

• Social media is about finding the right balance - too much or too little time online can have a negative impact
• Being mindful of what you expose yourself to online is vital - follow accounts that make you smile, and cull negative or triggering accounts
• Try not to compare yourself to others
• Report and block bullies

Social media is here to stay

Whether you love or hate social media, it is now a part of modern life for many. Being aware of its positive and negative effects on our mental health and tailoring how we use it, is the best way forward.
It is important that we attempt to take advantage of all the positive things social media can offer us and try to minimise the negatives. We can do a lot to manage the impact social media has on our own health.

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