Victims of abuse - seeking help in Singapore

Where to seek help

There are many places you can get help. The biggest difficulty is realising that there is a problem, and making the decision not to live with it anymore. There are trained professionals that care and can guide you on your best action plan, according to your own personal situation. So if you are caught up in family violence, you owe it to yourself and your children to end the hurt, and put a stop to the cycle of violence before it is too late.

Family Service Centres (FSCs)

FSCs are neighbourhood-based resource centres that offer a broad range of community services for the public, including handling casework and counselling. They can help with financial, parenting, marital, family or personal difficulties or crises by assessing problems through psychological tests and home visits. Anyone can benefit from FSC services. There are about 40 FSCs run by voluntary welfare organisations.

Family Violence Specialist Centre (FVSC)

FVSCs provides specialist family violence intervention work. The two specialist family centres in Singapore dealing with violence are TRANS SAFE Centre and Care Corner Project Start.

Child victims of abuse

If you are a child who is being abused, you can call Tinkle Friend at 1800-274-4788, approach your school teacher, counsellor or a trusted adult.


National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline - 1800-777-0000
PAVE - 6555 0390
TRANS SAFE Centre - 6449 9088
Care Corner Project StART - 6476 1482

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