Ways to improve your body image

Improving your body image


Identify and challenge negative thoughts - are the negative thoughts you have fact or opinion? Is this view realistic?


Recognise the underlying motivation for criticism - it is important to recognise what's really driving your thoughts. Do you really feel that you should be thinner, or are you trying to control your appearance as a way to regain a sense of control in other areas of your life?


Appreciate your body for what it can do

Improving your body image


Practise focusing on the positive aspects - write down things you like about your body, repeat affirmations, choose food and activities that strengthen your body


Avoid comparisons - body dissatisfaction often comes from comparisons to peers or celebrities. Remind yourself that each person's body is unique and that there is no “ideal” look


Challenge media portrayals - keep in mind that the media is not always truthful or realistic

Improving your body image


Identify non-physical traits that you admire - take the focus off the physical traits and think about other traits you admire in yourself such as your kindness or creativity


Surround yourself with body-positive people - your friends' comments can impact your own body image. Think about whether your friends talk positively about their own bodies, or are they often critical?

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