What can friends and family do when someone is experiencing anger problems

Some tips to help


Stay calm


Try to listen to them


Give them space


Set boundaries


Help them identify their triggers


Support them to seek professional help


Look after your own wellbeing

What if their behaviour is abusive or violent?

Just because someone seems very angry, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will become violent or abusive. But if this does happen, the most important thing is to make sure that you are safe.
1. Don't confront someone who is behaving aggressively
2. You may want to make a safety plan
3. Make a list of phone numbers to call if you are scared
4. Call the police

What if they don't recognise they have a problem?

You might find that the person you are supporting doesn't recognise they have a problem and/ or refuses to seek help.
It's understandable to feel frustrated, distressed and powerless as a result of this. But it's important to accept that they are an individual, and that there are always limits to what you can do to support another person.

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