What is emotional abuse?

Types of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can involve any of the following:
1. Verbal abuse
2. Rejection
3. Gaslighting
4. Social abuse
5. Put-downs
6. Causing fear
7. Isolation
8. Financial abuse
9. Bullying and intimidation

Symptoms of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can have a range of impacts both mentally and physically, including:
1. Negatively affecting your self-esteem and confidence
2. Leaving you feeling depressed, anxious, worthless or even suicidal
3. Making you feel like you have no control
4. Making it difficult for you to trust others
5. Withdrawing from your normal activities and relationships
6. Difficulties managing your emotions
7. Sleep disturbances

Signs someone else is experiencing emotional abuse

Some key things to look out for include:
1. Their family member talks down about them
2. They have become increasingly insecure
3. They apologise frequently about things that are not their fault
4. Their family member is constantly checking where they are
5. They act differently
6. They seem more withdrawn

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